Solar powered water pump: Garden Mile 120LPH

I tried to design and build myself a pond and then I realised because I was going to stop fish that I have to get myself a water pump. Now I didn’t fancy having to have any sort of live or mains feed so the solution I found on came up with was together solar-powered water pump. There’s so many brilliant options now because it means that are still we get a good 12 hours of sunlight day which means we don’t need to hear it the water all day long so therefore we can just rely on solar power just to keep that the oxygen in the water for a fish. So with that in mind I actually picked one of the best on the market Garden Mile 120LPH SOLAR POWERED POND WATER PUMP.

Garden Mile 120LPH
Garden Mile 120LPH

What I like most about the Garden Mile 120LPH SOLAR POWERED POND WATER PUMP was the price tag because it was such a cheap option I am really saved an awful lot of money and it meant that my pond project and fish stocking costs were produced significantly. I’ve found out to Luton no problems in the fish are absolutely loving the oxygen produced by this pump and therefore I can only highly recommended. Personally if I was to do it again I would definitely buy the same pump and go with the same setup. I keep us a few koi carp and I’m really not worried at all about this pum-pum expecting it to work every single day and so far everything has been entirely reliable. Installation of the pump was extremely easy to and in this article well I plan to do is go through how I ended up with this pumping the best way to keep on going and make your garden ponds the way you want it.

Setting up the pond with a solar powered water pump.

The first stage of setting up the pond with a solar-powered water pump was to find myself a supplier that was reliable and honest and help me with these selections I needed. You need to find the right pump that has the right amount of oxygen production for the size of your pond. So I ended up going with the Garden Mile 120LPH SOLAR POWERED WATER PUMP. And as you know I’ve had actually no issues with this whatsoever and I’m really pleased with the guys; they gave me the advice; and I was really super impressed with the fact that they have got specialists in the shop rather than just sales agents. It’s really difficult to find a company these days they can afford to have decent quality staff to understand and know about the items that they are selling. It’s such a brilliant thing that I will definitely be going back there for any other garden equipment I need as well.

The guys at garden tool box suggested that I have a look in my garden and see where the sun is actually coming from for the majority of the day and then set the solar so that it’s actually facing into most of the Sun for the predominant of the daylight. Actually this is a brilliant idea because it means that the palms going to be used at its absolute maximum capacity without doing any damage to it or having to move it around during the day. After all the whole purpose of a solar powered water pump was so that we don’t have any maintenance what’s the weather. I personally think that’s actually the right way to go and I’m so pleased that I don’t have to do anything with my pond at all anymore, I just basically head out there to feed them enjoy it with the fish.

What about an electric mains powered water pump?

There’s just no way that I will go about using an electric mains water powered pump because basically you simply don’t need it for a little pond. I’ve got a few little koi carp and they’re extremely content with my solar-powered water pump and I can honestly tell you that I have got no money whatsoever to spend on the pond when its got a 12-month warranty and is expected to last at least 10 years apparently according to the guys that sold to me and I have absolutely no reason to doubt this either. So if you think about the factor 10 years of honest service is going to cost me just about 80 quid it’s an absolute bargain. You just can’t get that kind of bargain anymore in this country and if you think about the actual electric cost alone you would save money in just a couple of years at all as it is. From my perspective solar-powered water pumps for the way forward and are the future, It just so happened that I bought the Green Mile 120 lph; I’m sure that there’s plenty of other great models out there that will do exactly the same thing.

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