Sweeten your home garden

The white flowers are a reason to relax and enjoy your time in the home garden. The white means purity, innocence and satisfaction. The white flowers are gladding the eyes and soul. Especially when you’re a busy man and you got tired after a full week, the white garden is the perfect answer. If your only chance to admire the home garden is in the evening, we are suggesting you to choose to garnish the garden with white Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana affinis). In Romania, we like to call it the Queen of the night, because of its blooming in evening and also of its special calming effects scent.


Coming from South America, Nicotiana Flowering Tobacco sweetens the hot summer air, without being such a decorating plant. The love and appreciation for Nicotiana affinis comes from the perfume that its flowers are spreading in the air. Flowering tobacco is a flowering shrub which can reach even 1 m in height. The flowering tobacco’s leaves are a kind of silky and the flowers seem like little trumpets very bright coloured. There are white flowers as well as pink, purple, red, yellow, violet flowering tobacco’s flowers.

Flowering tobacco care

Flowering tobacco usually flowers in summer and it keeps its flowers till the fall. But, if the weather is fine and it’s hot, Nicotiana affinis will prolong the blooming till October.

This flowering charming flavour plant is not exigent as other flowering plants. Nicotiana loves the soil moisture, so satisfy it by watering every evening. Also feed supplementary the plant, by adding some proper liquid fertiliser once at two weeks.

Regarding the light, Flowering tobacco prefers the alternately sun and shadow exposure. It particularly wants to be protected from the afternoon hot summer sun.

Flower tobacco
Flower Tobacco

You can obtain Flowering tobacco shrub by seeds sown in April or by seedling. The Nicotiana seedlings are planted directly in the home garden soil with 15 cm distance between.

Please, protect the Queen of the night from red spider and aphis.

Now your warm summer evenings will be more pleasant, spent in a pure white charming and perfumed natural scenery offered by White Flowering Tobacco, also named Queen of the night.

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