Okay, with all honesty this is a practice that is probably no longer needed. With computer scanners easily available and most animation being done through computers, keeping Cels at mint condition isn’t really that much of an importance for most of us modern animators. It is or at least could be a part of history though, a piece made with hard work without the convenience of Ctrl+Z.

Last month, a fellow animator showed me her recent purchase of a few classic 90’s cartoon Cels, they looked as if they were drawn yesterday, clearly kept in a safe place. Though I have no idea if the work I do now would ever become as popular as Madeline, I would like to keep some of my work preserved.

Right now I have commissioned the services of contractor to build a small storage room in my home office, along with the services of a Pest Control Company Enid to maintain the area; I believe that I have made the perfect area to store some of the works I still do by hand.

The same as keeping the traditional way of animation alive, I believe that we should also preserve the work we do with it, to inspire the next generation of animators. Or at the very least have a library of Cels and background images I can probably use in the future.