How To Prevent Pests From Eating Your Work

I have collected my drawings through all these years. My mother is even more sentimental because she still has my artworks and drawings from kindergarten. We are pack rats like that. We moved to our new house in Columbus, Ohio and we completely forgot about the boxes filled with my drawings in the basement. I only remembered about them when I told my friend that I will show him my cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawing that won me my first ever art award. Nothing fancy, the award just came from my school when I was in first grade.

I knew it would be easy to find that particular drawing because my mother had labeled the boxes where she put all my binders. One thing I learned from mom, aside from being a pack rat, is to be organized. We would label everything. My mom hated clutter, so she organized her clutter.


I immediately found the particular box where my drawings are in our basement. The box was simply labeled “1998.” I opened it and jumped out of my skin when I saw critters running all over my binders. I can barely touch them. I knew those critters were silverfish because I saw the same bugs in old books in the library.

I wonder how they got in there. We’ve had those binders for so long, and they were never infested like that before. It must be because the damp air and darkness in the basement were conducive to this kind of pests. I called the pest control company nearest our home, and they came right away.

Their pest control service is excellent! They did not only work in the basement. They treated our entire home to make sure those pests will be at bay. Please click here if you would like to check them out.

After that pest control drama, I researched for ways to prevent the silverfish from infesting my other paperwork. I know that I could just call any pest control company in Columbus, but I have to find a natural way to control this pest. We would not want to be exposed to chemicals, as much as possible, for health reasons.

The first thing to know is its natural habitat and food. Silverfish likes to live in dark and damp places with a good food source. The silverfish feeds on molds, fungi and anything starchy or made of cellulose. This bug likes the glue used to bind papers that is why we often see it in books.

Here are some home items that we can use to get rid of silverfish.

  • Mothballs – Our grandmas are right about them. Although I wouldn’t want them in my cabinets, I will be glad to add those balls in my boxes. Even bugs can’t stand their smell.
  • Diatomaceous earth – Silverfish doesn’t stand a chance with this powder. It dehydrates the bugs when they get in contact with it. Do not worry; it is completely safe for humans.
  • Cucumber – While it smells good to humans, the bugs hate it. Just place sliced cucumbers in areas where you see the silverfish. It should drive them away. Replace the cucumber slice once it dries out.

You can also use traps to catch the silverfish. You can use sticky traps that you can buy from hardware stores and add a bait such as bread.

I hope I can get rid of those pesky silverfish. I am still sad that I have to let go of the infested boxes. Lesson learned.  Now, I am seriously considering digitally storing my work, but that’s a story for another day.