kids-drawingWhen I was still single, one of my workmates told me that when I get a kid of my own, it would feel like falling in love and obsessing with your child. I thought it was a funny thing to happen, but later on I realized she was right. I married at the ripe age of 25, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the following year. I fell instantly in love with her smile, eyes, skin, hands, feet—everything. It was a new kind of love for me and it was overwhelming. I kept a scrapbook of her first cut hair, first fallen tooth, squiggly drawings and doodles, her photos from Day 1 up to the present, or at least the last time she went home. My baby girl is now the same age as me when I got married, and she is as well. She and her husband were already planning to have a little angel of their own so I wanted to share to her what my workmate told me back then. It was timely—they were both planning to visit me in the next week.

babiesMy daughter might react the same way I did back then, so I thought I should show her my precious collection. I kept the scrapbook in a small box under my bed so that I could always look at it whenever I missed her. But as I touched the box from under, I felt something crawl on my hand so I quickly pulled it out and I saw that there was a growing colony of ants in and outside the box. As a matter of fact, some of them were also on other things under the bed. It looked like it hadn’t been long since they were there, but it must have been due to the frequent raining that time. I went to the kitchen to take a pair of gloves so that I could protect my hands from their bites. I opened the box and pulled out the scrapbook as fast as I could. I shook it a few times so the ants would fall off. Shaking it inside the bedroom was a bad idea; the ants were now everywhere on the bedroom floor.

Immediately, I called the most reliable pest removal service provider I knew from my colleagues, and fortunately they responded to my house the same day. The exterminators were courteous enough to ask me how I was feeling maybe because they saw the horror in my face when I greeted them at the door. I led them to the bedroom and told them what happened. They replied that the ants will be out in no time and they weren’t coming back after the extermination. I also gave them the scrapbook and asked them to get rid of the eggs and ants stuck to it. They willingly obliged and I was relieved. They were very patient until they finished their work and went out. They returned the scrapbook to me as though it was never infested with the bugs. Nothing can express my gratitude for their genuine service.

In the next week, my daughter and her husband did visit me, and I showed her the scrapbook. I even told her about the pest control that happened, and she was so touched she was in the brim of tears. We hugged really tight and laughed at ourselves for being too dramatic.