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Greetings, Perishers fans. On behalf of the whole family, I would like to thank all of you who sent messages of condolence following the death of my father, who created The Perishers for nearly 50 years.

Maurice Dodd, who was 83 and had recently celebrated 60 yars of marriage to my mother, Daphne, died on the evening of December 31, 2005, after suffering a brain haemorrhage at his home in Shepperton, Middlesex.

Many fans of the strip, from across the globe, have been kind enough to sit down and write messages offering their condolences, and sharing the pleasure and laughter they got from the strip.

My father wrote The Perishers for nearly 50 years. As any comedian will tell you, humour is a serious subject, and at times the strip was hard work - although at other times, especially when writing the Eyeballs in The Sky, when he let his imagination off the lead completely, he would reduce himself to hysterical laughter in his studio.

He was always appreciated the support of fans, and was pleased to know that his efforts brought smiles, chuckles, and the occasional belly laugh into the lives of so many people.

The family, too, is grateful for all the messages of support we have received since Dad's death - it has been a genuine comfort to us all to know that he was held in such high regard by so many people.

This website will be kept open as a tribute to my father and his work, and some material which was removed some time ago is being reinstated.

Should any of you wish to contact us, please send messages to me at 65 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey6, KT16 8AN. E-mail:

Our heartfelt thanks to you all for your support.

Mike Dodd,

January 28, 2006.

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